Sunday, September 03, 2006

Million Dollar Deal is a good show

I think that is what it is called. It's this new show thats on TV, same channel as project runway, and it is about real estate agents selling million/multi-million dollar homes. They make like 100K on comission from one of these deals. That is a lot if you ask me. Especially for what you have to do. You are essentially just brokering deals. I personally think that it would be easy. But anway, I;m a big fan of architechture and nice homes. While im not looking for a million dollar home just yet, I may be in a year or two. Its always interesting to see ho wmuch more or less you get for your dollar trhoughout the US. The house prices are just out of control. It's crazy how much people pay for so little. I guess you have no choice if you work there though. Personally, Im trying to move out to europe. Ive been learning german for the last two years, and I do want to learn french and italian as well. I loved italy and paris and switzerland and germany and austria. Ha. kind of a run on sentence there. Anyway, prices in europe are very high and the us dollar is constantly losing ground. I better make it happen soon. Hopefully I can get a job in germany or austria in the next few years. Just gotta finish school and make sure i can speak well enough.